Recent Projects

At this section of our website we try to demonstrate some of our works.

private resorts

The villa is a 5000m, independent structure with a vast area of land around it. It is very comfortable and can provide facilities such as a swimming pool, game rooms, gardens, dining rooms, and living rooms. The villa is usually home to a whole family.

Infrastructure Projects​

Erbil International Airport is the main airport in the Kurdistan District of the city of Erbil, Iraq. It is administered by the Iraqi Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government under a committee composed of the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Masrour Barzani, and is one of the two international airports, the other being Sulaymaniyah Airport. The new modern airport was opened in 2010. The airport is among the longest runways in the world (4800 m).

Agriculture Projects​

Structure planned and developed to hold farm implements, hay, grain, poultry, livestock, and other agricultural resources. Such construction shall not contain living or occupation rooms in which agricultural products are processed, treated, or packaged; nor shall an agricultural building be a place of occupation for the general public.

architecture projects

The art and technique of architecture and construction, as distinct from the techniques associated with construction. The practice of architecture is used to meet both functional and expressive needs and thus serves both functional and esthetic purposes. Although these two ends may be distinct, they cannot be separated, and the relative weight given to each end can vary considerably.

interior design

Design is the realization of a concept, idea, or theory into a drawing, plan, configuration, model, and so on, that ultimately enables the accomplishment or settlement of a series of objectives, and interior design is the art and engineering of optimizing the interior of a building in order to create a cleaner and more esthetically appealing atmosphere for the people using it.

zheen int. hospital

Private physician-owned hospital interested in improving community health through effective doctor-patient relationships.

Salaei Group building

A structure used exclusively for the business operations related to administration, clerical services, consultancy as well as other non-retailed customer services. Office buildings can house single or multiple companies. Such as the Salaei group building which is combined with the BMW Cars Showroom.

event planning

Conferences and events are gatherings, often lasting a few days, held around a given subject or to put together people with mutual interest. And we at Archinest Co. have made a lot of fascinating events about our projects and jobs.

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